A New Year’s Resolution — Be Nice to the Stagehands

Stagehands make a musician’s life easier. They are at the concert hall well before us and they remain long after our portion of the event is over. They make it possible for us to walk in, sit down, and do what we do—play music. They are a resourceful lot who pride themselves in taking care of our requests, often in creative ways. (I once forgot a black bowtie. A stagehand made one for me out of gaffer’s tape!) They do their job. We do ours, but occasionally we may have requests of them. “Can I have a higher chair?” “My stand-light bulb is flickering.” “This monitor is too loud.” I’ve found that stagehands will go out of their way to help those of us who have taken the time to establish a relationship with them, and avoid those who take them for granted or emit a superiority-vibe. They are part of the team and deserve respect as individuals for their contribution to it. Make sure to give it to them.